What Is an Adult Lifestyle Community?

The Wellings of Stittsville is a unique adult lifestyle community for adults over 55 who do not need care, or do not need much care. The a la carte lifestyle means that, if and when you want to have care, you can choose it and organize it yourself. You are not paying for what you don’t use. The gourmet dinner service is included nightly, and you have the option of choosing more meals or coming down to the pub for another bite to eat. It’s your choice and you are in control of your additional expenses.

We’re proud to provide a home and community filled with like-minded people who set their own schedules and desire a balance in their life after years of work, home, and family pressure. Opt-in to the services you want, and bridge the gap between where you are living now and where you want to live in the years to come. Choose the Wellings of Stittsville and start defining what retirement looks like to you now or in the future.

Active Senior Living In Stittsville, Ontario

Every Wellings community is designed for adults 55+ who wish to enjoy a more balanced independent life. There are plenty of amenities for your enjoyment, including a fully equipped health and wellness gym, a concierge service, furnished apartments, a pub, outdoor living space, and walking trails for everyone in the community to use. The Wellings of Stittsville also features an 8,000-square-foot Atrium and a community pub!

The Atrium is two storeys high and is fully encased with windows. It houses a restaurant where you’ll be served complimentary fine dining every night, a games area, movie theatre, and ample room for you to enjoy—all as an extension of your apartment.

Culture & Community

Celebrate Your Passion

Stittsville is a cozy suburb in Ottawa’s west end, both a hub for nearby farmland and home to thriving arts and culture, sports venues, and beautiful hiking trails and paths. There is much to discover just beyond your front door, from nearby museums and local markets to galleries and restaurants. The community is a short drive from the heart of Ottawa, with the Gatineau Hills and the beauty of the Ottawa Valley never far off.

Just because you’ve changed your address doesn’t mean you have to change your hobbies and passions—in fact, you might discover more pastimes that you feel passionate about when you embrace the Wellings lifestyle in Stittsville’s first ever adult lifestyle community.

The Wellings philosophy is focused on a balanced life in an active and independent community. Staying active is one key to staying independent and fulfilled as we age. We strive to provide an environment that encourages community growth, where individuals can pursue their interests, come together for good times and enjoy peace of mind knowing home health care services are available if and when they are needed. These optional services are provided by a best-in-class national provider, and you are responsible for co-ordinating your own care to ensure your needs are met. At Wellings, you only pay for the services you use.

Discover The National Capital Region

There is tremendous opportunity for you to explore the community and beyond. With Wellings handling the day-to-day maintenance, you have all the time in the world to discover Stittsville as well as the National Capital Region.

The cozy yet vibrant community of Stittsville Ontario is in Ottawa West, giving you access to the rich history of the city, its arts, culture, and community. It is quickly becoming one of the most desirable areas for retirement living in Ontario as it is easy accessible by rail, air, or bus and the region is home to world-class museums, arts centers, sporting venues, diverse shopping, and teaching hospitals such as the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, CHEO, and The Royal Ottawa.

If you love the outdoors, enjoy the local trails through Stittsville and Kanata or take a short drive over to the Gatineau Hills, home to thousands of acres trees, spring-fed lakes, rivers. and ski hills!

Food & Hospitality



Nourish Restaurant in the Atrium has seen many celebrations around mealtime, and we love it! Expect more. We are upping the fun factor, our flavour profiles and food quality profiles as Chef Robert and the Team continue to strive for delicious-nutritious meals that feel like a taste if home. 

Life À La Carte

Apartments at the Wellings of Stittsville feature full kitchens, and you are always welcome to cook, but we encourage you to join us for dinner. Catering services are also available, and Marquise will work with the community to offer additional meals as needed.

As with all amenities at Wellings, you only pay for what you use, a feature unique to our 55+ housing options—this truly is à la carte living at its finest!

Health & Wellness

Peace of Mind

We are aware your health needs change over time, which is why the Wellings of Stittsville provides an on-site office for a best-in-class health care provider, such as the VON. Residents or family members can organize health care as it is needed. At Wellings, you are in control of the additional services, and you only pay for the services you use. Adding services, cancelling services, and changes to your services are all under your control.

Live Well at Wellings

At Wellings, your overall well-being is our primary concern. We believe in a balanced lifestyle that includes eating well, staying socially vibrant, having a positive outlook, and focusing on good habits such as a fitness routine and lowering stress.

By choosing to declutter your life and live at Wellings, we feel the convenience of having a private, fully-equipped gym, 24-hour concierge, freshly-prepared savory dinner service, grab & go food stations, café, games room, outdoor walking path, and fun pub will assist you in living well in an ageless environment. We strive to deliver a stress-free transition with specialists in home décor, decluttering, and moving at your service, when you are ready.

The Wellings Rental Community Model

We are often asked why renting makes sense as an adult over 55. With twenty plus years of experience, most seniors have told us that the flexible leasing model allows them more freedom to invest their capital after selling the family home. Most agree they are not trying to build capital as collateral anymore, and it is time to use it for travel or a special hobby rather than home maintenance.

There are no additional property fees, and you are not susceptible to fluctuating property values.

A flexible leasing model delivers peace of mind and additional freedom to pursue the lifestyle you want to live!